Town of Spring Grove, Brodhead, Wisconsin
Town of Spring Grove, Brodhead, Wisconsin

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***Just a reminder to all Township residents: Building permits are required (obtained from the Green County Zoning Office, 1017 16th Avenue, Monroe, WI) on all Construction over 100 Sq. Ft. The Zoning office phone number is 608-328-9423.

If the name or address on the mailing label is incorrect, please let me know. Deb Cline, Clerk

Permits & Hall Rental Fees

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Permits and Hall Rental Fees

Driveway/Access Verification Certifications:

Pursuant to Green County Code section 4-6-1-2:A.6, this form is required to be completed and submitted to the Green County Zoning Department at the time of application for a Zoning or Land Use Permit for projects requiring new or altered use of an access driveway for the premises, or for the construction of any new residential structure. The purpose of this form is to certify that the town has issued a driveway permit, that no driveway permit is required, or that an agreement has been made between the town and the applicant which releases Green County Zoning to proceed with the zoning permit/building permit application process. This form is not to be considered to be the actual driveway permit. Signature(s) ori this form must be dated within 90 days of the date of application: Required attachments for some driveways must also be submitted with the form.

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Driveway Access Verification Certification Form

Dog License Information:

Fees are $9.00 for un-neutered males or un-spayed females; and $4.00 for neutered males or spayed females. You must have proof of rabies vaccination to obtain dog license. Send copy of proof of vaccination and a check payable to the Town of Spring Grove to N780 Oakley Road, Juda, WI 53550 Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your dog license.